School me p2 (page 7)

Thoughts fail my mind, my voice clogs thick in my throat as my jaw clenches at the familiarity of it all. The wooden beams crisscrossing along the roof, the chain linking the dim lighted antique crystal chandelier as its soft glow glimmers onto dark heated flooring. Soft couches surrounding a mounted tv made for comfort and leisure, while the spiral stairs remain directly opposite the front door not far from where I’m standing gives it a modern promise of class. All that is familiar, but not as familiar as the curvy blonde vixen leaning against the large floor to high top glass double doors with her hands on her hips glaring at me. Maybe if I was half the Saint my teachers thought I was I would’ve enlightened the beauty before me that glaring was just another way of flirting.

“Why do you have to bring memories into everything?” Her words serve as lashes to my already abused pride and my feet take me closer to her as my voice finally starts to work but in a quiet timbre.

“Why not?” I challenge her, watching the slow glide of saliva ride her throat as she swallows when I arch my brow, “Memories are powerful tools used to make the future. The best ones are the ones we crave, do you remember when you craved me Dainy?.” Watching the tilt of her head and the jut of her chin I know my Vixen is paying attention. Maybe she isn’t as lost as I thought. It’s no sooner that I’m standing right in front of her. Earth aromas mixing with the unique subtle yet potent scent that is purely Dainy drifts into my nose on a deep inhale that I could taste it on the tip of my tongue as I part my lips.

Her eyes widen as she levels me with shock, hatred, hurt and deep down I know unwanted need, “Stop, just stop.” Her hands push at my chest that if I were another man I would’ve stumbled back, but easily grip her wrist, one in each hand, and stare at her in mock horror, egging her to take the final step.

“This isn’t why I wanted you here.” She whispers in a silent sigh, “Don’t do this Sabastian, not now, this, coming here was wrong, I didn’t think.”

I drop her hands as though I’m burning just holding them, which I am, and rake my fingers over my face in frustration, “What did you expect Dainy, that it wouldn’t bring back memories. That our time together here would mean nothing, was I just a passing phase?”

She shakes her head, her eyes downcast to the floor, “you know you weren’t.” Her silent voice just makes me angry.

My eyes fix on her, “Then why do you hurt me Vixen?”

My hands clench to tight fists in my pockets, “Why do you choose him?”

My voice betrays my leashed persona for a fraud, “When I’m standing right here!”

She glides her back on the glass door and doesn’t stop until she’s at rock bottom, how cliche “Reagan is what I want, you know that, he’s why I’m here now.”

“I don’t know that Dainy, how the fuck am I suppose to know that. I left Liston Hills with the intention of finding my girl waiting for me when I got back, yet I came back and she isn’t even mine, how long did it take you to forget us Dainy? Two months, two weeks, nah, I wasn’t so important, maybe it was seconds.”


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