School me p2 (page 8)


“I don’t know that Dainy, how the fuck am I suppose to know that. I left Liston Hills with the intention of finding my girl waiting for me when I got back, yet I came back and she isn’t even mine, how long did it take you to forget us Dainy? Two months, two weeks, nah, I wasn’t so important, maybe it was seconds.”

There are moments when stupidity wars at reasoning and truth precipitates anger. Then there are moments like this, where rage and hurt overpowers any sensibility.

I get up from my demeaning position and slap him across the face, screaming, “You left me! I begged you to stay, I begged you.” And I’m proud of my strong voice holding steady as I storm past his angry gaze toward the back part of the cabin toward the kitchen because I’m seconds from breaking, from falling at the weight pulling me down, wanting me to surrender to him.

“What are we doing here Dainy?” He asks, prowling after my retreating form to the kitchen area “This, now, you and me in this cabin is torture and I am no noble man Dainy. The way I see it, you’re mine!” His possessive growling words have me stopping in my tracks.

Not because of the words so much as how he said it, like me being his is the most obvious thing in the world. Maybe a year ago I would’ve melted and fluttered my eyes at hearing that declaration and tone from him but now it’s much too late even if it feels perfect.

He stops too, but only once his chest is to my back teasing me with touches from his labored breathing.

“We can’t do this now. There’s a dead woman on the news and it’s Reagan’s mother.”

He’s quiet, and still, maybe too still but I’m not going to turn around to face his square jaw that’s probably ticking and his perceptive eyes. I’d rather just stay and wait for him to talk. But seconds tick by and I’m forced to step back from Sabastian’s heat and face him. I look up into his eyes, but they aren’t trained on me, they focused on the window lost in memories.

I shiver at the thought of the same memories as I try to block it out.

“We need to talk about this Sabastian it’s serious, it won’t be long until he figures out that woman is his mother.” My words seem to register and his eyes focus on me, “You right, but we’re going to need my dad, Jace and Kent with us for this.”

Confusion rears its head as I frown up at his over six foot frame, “Why? They don’t know anything…”

His roughened thumb scrapes my cheek, and I know I should step back, but all that is holy knows I can’t, “That Dainy, would be a lie, They know much more than you.”


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