School me p2 (page 9)

Confusion rears its head as I frown up at his over six foot frame, “Why? They don’t know anything…”

His roughened thumb scrapes my cheek, and I know I should step back, but all that is holy knows I can’t, “That Dainy, would be a lie, They know much more than you.”

His grey steely gaze holds my own and I’m reminded that he prefers the brown contacts he wears to school because the grey tones that make up his eyes remind him too much of his mother. Just the thought of her sends a sour taste to my mouth and I flinch trying my damnedest to get back to topic and still face him without my thoughts screaming from the expression on my face.

“What the hell are you on about.” I ask this question as he puts his phone to his ear. I didn’t even see him pull the device from his suit pocket and now I have no other choice but to stand listening to his one sided conversation. Imagine my surprise when he puts the I-phone on speaker.

“If you callin’ about dinner, don’t, if you wanna know about the house it’s good, Michael is putting a new gaming system as we speak and if it’s about the Jane doe I’m on my way back to the Estate with Kent in tow, though I should warn you, the boy is sporting one crazy hang over and a purplish eye.” Jace’s grumbly voice practically shouts from the phone.

I shake my head at his perceptive nature because that is a Stone for you, it’s a shame Jace left private school because I don’t think he would’ve missed anything happening at school.

Sabastian’s face transforms as his lips pull into a full mouthed smile, and Though I’m glad to witness such a rare occurrence, I’m strangely jealous that it’s done because of his friend on the phone and not me.

You use to make him LAUGH,’ a small voice whispers in my head.

He’s always had a close relationship with Jace. They practically grew up together and even though over the years Sabastian seemed to hang with Reagan, Lucan and Connor I knew that he still trusted Jace more, why I’m not sure because Jace and Aiden, well let’s just say I’ve never seen two boys that close in my life. They’ve been best friends since the day we moved in next to Reagan and have never spent a day apart. Which is weird because Aiden travels with the Stones whenever they go on family vacations and Jace does the same with us.

“He’ll be fine, my dad has him handling smaller stuff for now. The bruised eye is probably personal. Dainy can check him over when you get here. Bring my dad.”



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