School me p2 (page 10)

“He’ll be fine, my dad has him handling smaller stuff for now. The blue eye is probably personal. Dainy can check him over when you get here. Bring my dad.”

“Yeah, your dad ain’t at the house, saw him talking with David a while ago, seems like some shit is going down with Kevin in Kanla, Ky said she’ll give me a call once she finds out something, might need to head out there for a couple days.”

Sabastian is silent for a minute and I can see his mind working, “Give Kylie a call, we can use her help.”

“Already did.” I can hear the smile in Jace’s voice as he hangs up.

Sabastian slips the phone in his pocket and his roughened index finger lifts up my chin to face his narrowed grey eyes. An unexpected shiver awakens a small part of me, but with it my mind starts to tumble in turmoil at the reason why I’m here.

Reagan’s mother is dead, and it’s quite possible that we killed her. Since arriving at the cabin, I’ve been so consumed with the past and Sabastian that I haven’t really stopped to think of the consequences of our involvement with the dead, Gina Lorne. While I might be too young to be trialled as an adult, Sabastian isn’t, and just that thought has my eyes widening and my heart skittering.

 Will I ever see him again, is this all the time we have left? No, Sabastian’s dad will never allow his son to go to prison. But what will happen with Reagan once he found out that I had a first hand behind his mother’s death. Will he hate me? Is our relationship doomed to fail.

“We don’t know anything for sure, so whatever is running through that head of yours stop.”

“We are murderers Sabastian.” I hiss, “She died because of us, me exactly. And you do realize that you might go to jail. Reagan would hate me, the whole town will turn against us. The Delroy name will be ruined, do you have any idea what that would do to your family.” I realize I’m shouting but I can’t help myself.

Sabastian grins, as he takes a step back, “I’m glad to see you so worked up about salvaging my families public image. My gran would be so proud on our wedding day.” I stare at his retreating form with my mouth a gape and my body stunned into silence. What the hell just happened?

The black Jeep pulling up has me running off to the kitchen to wash my hands and get a grip, lord knows I’ll need one to deal with the Stone that’s about to walk in. Rows of pans dangle just above my head from a metal frame shaped to resemble a falling tree. Just as the tap is closed the sound of the opening front door sends my mind into a high rise of never ending nerves.

I take a long time drying my hands with the cloth from the stone counter aware that soon not only would I have to deal with a room full of three alpha males but I’d have to phone Reagan and see how he’s doing.

Dreading the conversation I’d have to have with my boyfriend, I take a deep breath before walking to the sound of the three voices. I hope that I make it through this meeting with my sanity in tact because I very well might have just lost my boyfriend. Once he finds out I started our relationship on deadly lies there is no way he’ll stay with me.


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