School me p2 (page 11)

“Dainy, I need a beer.” Jace yells just as I turn the corner toward the three men walking to the couches. Unfortunately in Jace’s case, I’m not surprised by his lack of manners and stack of assholeness.

But I am stunned when Sabastian walks toward the wall with the mounted tv that’s surrounded by a bizarre mirror of dull crystals and presses one of them. Which is actually a button for the wooden cupboards that open up to shelves filled with crystal bottles of alcohol and a back fridge stacked with beer.

 It’s doesn’t take Sabastian long to hand over the beer to the blue eyed blonde Adonis staring at me like I just don’t make any sense. And it doesn’t take me long to remember he is an asshole and nag, ‘Dainy, I need this, Dainy oh yeah could you pass me that.’ Since I’ve met Jace Stone he has used me for his bidding, fast becoming the brother I never had and I mean that in a terrible way.

Aiden never used my arm as a paper to write a girls number as Jace did when I was thirteen, or blackmail me into pretending to be his mother when he punched the teacher while he still attended our school. Let’s not forget the time he tricked me into going paint balling with him only to learn I was target practice for a bunch of ten year olds. I could probably spend hours talking about why Jace Stone annoys the crap out of me.

“You could’ve atleast pretended to know how to dress.” I say as I step closer toward the sleeping form on the couch directly in front of me. Jace has on a blue and green check shorts and a bright yellow golfer which is a complete transformation from the Jace I know, whose wardrobe consists of Jordan’s, denims, t-shirts and earphones, much like Kylie’s.

“It’s Aiden’s, I’m moving in across from you, didn’t he tell you we going to be neighbors?” The Devils smirk he gives me has me glowering, “In fact, tomorrow night we’re having a house warming, you should come and bring those sexy ass cheerleaders of yours, it’s a dress down party.” I roll my eyes and choose to ignore him. Jace is like an evil Aiden personified, if I entertain the conversation I’ll regret it, if I don’t I’ll still regret it.

So to shut him up I say, “Will do.” When really I’m saying fuck you.

Groaning sounds from the couch I’m standing behind has me dropping my chin to the perpetrator. The wrinkled up white shirt and black slacks makes me grimace when I see the dried blood and stains which I presume is vomit. Yuck.

I’ve known Dexter for seven years, and I’ve never seen him untidy, drunk or even beaten. This, him now, groaning, is all that wracked up into one, and I got to wonder what’s up with him.

He is for all intent and purposes a team member and a distant friend who I have occasionally hanged out with a time or few. I knew his dad died a few weeks back and he took sometime off from school but I wasn’t aware he was having it hard.

When I saw him last week, I swear he didn’t even look like a boy who lost his dad when he had his arm wrapped around Kelsea Morne. The two of them were coming out of The Box, a rib and steak restaurant near the mall.

“What happened to you.” I ask his turned back.

“Cary, or Geri happened to him for two days straight.” Jace does a poor job choking down his laughter when Dexter suddenly jumps off the couch and runs toward the bathroom under the steps, but not before knocking his shoulder on the wall.

“Close the door, we don’t want to smell your damn barf.” I sigh at Jace’s lack of any morals.

“Didn’t you momma tell you not to beat a friend when he’s down.” I snap.

“Sure, but he ain’t my friend Dainy Crazy.” Jace drawls.

“You are such an ass.”

“Yes I am, and it’s a nice ass, Dainy.”

“Enough both of you.” Sabastian sighs as he chooses that moment to Join us and sit right where Dexter vacated. Jace and I don’t stop our heated stare. If Sabastian wasn’t here we would’ve been arguing till God knows when.


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