School me p2 (page 12)

The sounds of Dexter’s retching is muted by the news channel now playing on the TV screen. Breaking eye contact with Jace to watch the news, my mind quietens and all trace of easiness fades.

The dead body fills up the 72” screen, “Mr Orniel has yet to comment on his feelings toward the death of his ex-wife. Police are still investigating the possible cause of death of Gina Lorne but won’t know more until an autopsy has been granted. This is Mila Drein reporting live from Liston Hills.”

“They’ll want this case closed soon. I ran a background on her but I’m still coming up empty, it’s like Ms Lorne’s tracks have disappeared.” Dexter’s voice nears us. I turn my head toward his approaching steps and his quick hands as he removes his clothing.

“Try going back three or four years ago.” Sabastian says, his eyes focused on the muted screen.

“Why are you digging up dirt on her, you going to draw attention to yourself, are you crazy.” I practically scream.

Sabastian turns to me, a slight frown marring his brows, “We don’t have a choice, Gina’s body was no magical finding.” I catch the quick look he shoots to Jace before his eyes are facing me again.

“Spill it.” When his quiet I snap, “now Sabastian.”

He sighs and shakes his head, “After the accident her accounts were still active, her money was drained out from the inside of the three different banks. She couldn’t have died that night, it’s not possible.”

My eyes widen at what his saying, and my mind reels with this new information. All this time I’ve thought about it, blaming myself, suffering in silence, and now I find out she wasn’t dead that we didn’t kill her.

“But she’s dead now.” The words leave my mouth with a sour taste.

Dexter sits next to Sabastian, his hairy legs stretching out toward the centre carpet. He scratches his lightly tanned chest which is on full display, “Exactly, and the killer is looking to blame someone in Liston Hills, and who is the most likely candidate?”

“Us, that’s why we have to find the killer.” I whisper the last part.

The front door barges open and we all look up to the almost six foot figure barging in, “what did I miss?”



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