School me p2 (page 13)


I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, my boot covered feet stomp up the porch steps of the cabin. This morning I was across the state six hours away from Liston Hills picking up Aaron, my eldest stepbrother, David’s five year old son. My destination was a one way ride to New York and then another to Washington the next morning. Diamond was in the crappiest mood since I had to inform my genius and half crazy friend that we were staying with David for the night.  

Plus, let’s not forget that I had a paper due on Monday and a block design that was still half way through. Whoever says architecture is easy let me know so I can kick their ass, after I bribe them to finish my assignments.

I was in the helicopter with an antsy Aaron, because he hated sitting still, and chatty best friend when Michael chose to call and inform me that I had to get my butt to The Estate. I wasn’t sure why I didn’t refuse because for all the crap I had to do, I should’ve. Then to top it all off, while I’m at The Estate waiting to hear what the hell was so darn important my mother’s brother, Haden Orniel comes trotting downstairs of the mansion and informs me that Cary Stanley aka his ex wife, is actually a Gina Lorne and she’s dead.

Then just when my day couldn’t get any worse my brothers arrive, all of them, including Vincent. After a gruesome few hours of why I was ‘summoned’ Diamond and Michael left to set up something at Sebastian’s new house. Which I was surprised to have learnt, was across from Dainy’s, even more so that Jace will be moving in with him. I spoke to him this morning and yesterday, he didn’t mention shit to me. Jace is my baby half brother who I am extremely close too. So close that when he told me about his involvement in this Gina Lorne story I was dropping Victoria’s and Natasha’s pleas for a girls night out and already walking the thirty minute trek to the cabin.

Doesn’t mean I’m not going to kick his ass, I can’t believe he’s getting involved in this. I barge in the door, “What did I miss?”

Tiny cracker Dainy Hallow is the first one I spot, the girl has always been short but she got curves. I lift my chin, and stare at the three idiots on the couch. The naked one catches my eye and I know this is messed up. The last time I saw Dexter was at his daddy’s funeral. I only found out yesterday that he was already working for the Delroy’s and boy did he look fine doing it.


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