School me p2 (page 14)

I’m on my second glass of brandy and I’ve barely been here for twenty minutes listening to these guys. My denim covered ass is on the lone seater my brother was sitting on when I walked in. Dainy is on the floor next to me and the three boys that couldn’t be more different are sitting on the long stretch couch. Dexter’s naked torso on full display, sporting a swollen eye that looks more painful than it really is.

Sabastian forever the gentleman in his four thousand dollar suit sits in the middle, staring holes into poor Dainy. And Jace, what the hell is he even wearing? His blonde hair is messy and blue eyes that are identical to my momma’s is screaming at me to not flip my switch.

All these thoughts go through my mind as I look at them. Sighing, with my glass dangling from my hand, I rest my back against the couch, “Remind me again why we can’t bring Michael or David into this? With Michaels skills and David’s connection I’m sure we could do this quicker.” When no one answers I tilt my head to the side and study the three young men. They have the coolest expressions but I have two years on them and I’m nobody’s fool, these men are hiding something.

Dainy picks up on it too, and practically shouts, “I knew it, I knew it, there’s more to this, isn’t there?” She knocks it out.

I say nothing at first, holding their stares, “If you want my help boys, your’ll gonna have to spill those babies.”

Dexter looks to Sabastian first, no doubt seeking permission to spill, then his mouth is moving, “When I was tracking her whereabouts, I kept comin’ up empty, because I was looking for Cary not Gina. So I deepened my search and hacked into Haden’s personal files to see if he still kept stuff on his ex. He did, an entire case file with pics of her six months ago with the name Gina Lorne attached to it, so I searched the name and did some digging kept coming up empty until another name kept popping up.”

I arch my brown and lean forward swirling the branding in the glass, knowing I’m not going to like this at all, “I’m waiting sugar.”

I ignore my brother’s snort and keep my eyes trained on Dexter.

“Diana Trent.”

“Wait, that’s the new girls mother, isn’t she dating your dad?” Dainy’s question is interesting. And judging by Sabastian’s grim face, is an answer in itself and enough to drop it at that and focus on the issue at hand.

“Now you boys got my attention, what’s my daddy’s accountant have to do with Reagan’s momma?”

“Well, that’s what we haven’t figured out yet.



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