School me p2 (page 17)

“How do you know that?” Her voice is quiet but her green eyes alert and on me, “Your father was the only person who knew me by that name, and maybe I am a horrible mother but your father loved you and he would’ve never put you in danger by giving you that surname, so I ask you one time Elizabeth, who gave it to you.” She takes a step toward me, her feet bare, making her much shorter than me, but I still back myself closer to the door.

I don’t know this woman, besides that she’s my mother and at the age of two weeks old she left me and my dad. My father never spoke about her, besides one time when I was eight and asked him about my mother. He showed me a picture, said her name was Diana and that was that. I never asked him again. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t curious, doesn’t mean I didn’t ask anyone.

My dads job required that he spent a lot of days in the office, and being a single dad at the time in New York wasn’t something that made for easy living. He didn’t trust nannies, or neighbors. My dad was paranoid like that, so I stayed at school doing extra murals until he picked me up. Most of the days he’d take me back to the office and we’d eat takeout or go to a restaurant with Uncle Jackson in toe. They were very close, so close that my dad trusted him with me on the rare occasions when he had to go court or bail one of his clients out. And unlike my father, Jackson Golde had no compunction keeping my mother a secret. Which is how I came to know about Diana Lorne, my mother and Gina Lorne the supposedly scam artist sister. The interesting fact I learnt recently from Uncle Jackson was that my mother hated her sister, and now her sister ends up dead.

Question is, did she hate her sister enough to kill her? Is my own mother capable of that.

“Did you kill her?” My voice is a whisper and I cringe when she opens her eyes and flinches. Her shoulders sag and she walks to her bed and sits on it.

“You really have a low opinion of me, don’t you.” She laughs, but I can tell it’s dead inside. But I don’t go closer to her, I’m wise like that.

“It’s no secret I hated my sister, she caused me enough problems, got me involved in her mess more than once. But after she married Haden, I had enough. She called me a few months after she got married, told me that someone was harassing her, I was pregnant at the time, and even though I hated her, she was still my sister, so I said I’d help her. I spoke to your dad, he wasn’t thrilled by the idea and forbid me to do a thing and for once I listened. But my sister didn’t like that, she got angry and sent her problems straight to our door.”


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