School me 02 (page 20)


Lucan offers, “I’ll give Dainy a call, she’s probably with him.”

“She’s with Kylie.” I don’t inform him that Kylie is here with me, because right now isn’t the time to stake any claims on Dainy. Reagan is my friend and he isn’t answering his phone, that is a problem for me.

“I’m at the Estate I’ll see just now.” Lucan announces before I end the call.

I pull on a pair of linen pants and white shirt. Forgoing a jacket, I slip on a nude pair of hush puppies because they’re comfortable and leave the room. I jog down the stairs just as Victoria and Natasha walk in from the front door. Natasha’s light green eyes is the first one to catch my descent.

“Looking mighty fine there Sabs.”

Normally I’d gripe at that stupid nickname she insists on calling me, but right now isn’t one of those times, “Did any of you hear from Reagan?”

“Nope, why?” Natasha’s confused face tightens as she remains still at the bottom of the steps, her short red hair now cut into a boys hair cut and green gaze is the only thing she inherited from her mother.

“I tried calling him a few minutes back but it keeps going to voicemail.” I tell them.

Victoria’s long form stops next to the formal attired girl next to her. Where Natasha Bray is a dress and stockings type of lady, Victoria Stone is the mini version of Kylie, with her ripped jeans and double vest contraption. The only thing that tells Kylie and Victoria apart is their faces, Victoria has a white angel thing going for her, with red hair and blue eyes, whilst Kylie is the epitome of a sexy woman, with dark hair and brown eyes, you’d think she’s plain, but there has never been anything plain about her.


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