School me p2 (page 21)

After another hour of trying his phone, we all decided to split up. I’m in the car with Lucan and Natasha. Kylie and Dexter are heading into the city. Jace is on his bike heading toward the other side of Liston Hills, while Dainy and Victoria go to the river where they found his mother. I’m not sure why Dainy insisted that he’ll be there, because Reagan never knew the woman and from the little he did know he didn’t have much to pity her death or mourn her loss. I would know, I have a mother just like his. I crank up the speed as I glide toward the Orniel Mansion. Before we even get there I can already tell that there isn’t anyone around.

His brother and sister were with Hunter and Uncle Hector. Haden left an hour ago, needing to find out what happened to Gina. I wasn’t sure where his wife ran off too, but I know that she isn’t making any magical appearances tonight. If there is one thing Reagan’s stepmother knows, is how to avoid a problem.

The car phone rings, Connor’s face and name flashing. He showed up shortly after Lucan. When the people started arriving I had no choice but to leave him and Andrew Mckenzie, Kylie’s bodyguard there in case Reagan showed up.

The sky was black, but the night was young, we were going to find my friend.

Clicking the receiver from the steering wheel, I answer, ‘You got anything?” aware my voice is clipped, harsh.

“Yeah, Mason just buzzed, he said to let you know he got back home when Elizabeth Trent was leaving her house in a rush. So he followed her and she went right to Reagan’s house, apparently she spoke to Reagan from the door and he flipped man, started swearing her and jumped into the jeep and left. Mason has been tagging the Trent girl, for almost two hours, he said she’s looking for something so be careful.”

“Must be answers, her dad was murdered, daddy is helping her mother find out who.” Natasha fills in the blanks, from the backseat of her R1, which I happen to be driving.


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