School me p2 (page 22)

“Must be answers, her dad was murdered, daddy is helping her mother find out who.” Natasha fills in the blanks, from the backseat of her R1, which I happen to be driving.

The R1 Sabaru takes the curves of the road as if it was a man stroking a woman’s body as I absorb this insightful information. According to my father, Natasha’s father, Marcus Bray doesn’t know anything about Diana’s superior motives. Apparently he hired her because she was an excellent accountant.

Either my father is lying which I doubt or his source is highly unreliable. I think the correct term would be dishonest as his source happens to be straight from the bitch’s mouth, Diana Trent. I’ve avoided seeing her as long as I can. Tomorrow I will officially meet my father’s new toy, because that is exactly what she is to him, a shiny new toy.

I don’t say a thing to either of the two sitting in the car and neither do they.

Natasha already knows the gist of things. I know Dainy wasn’t keeping secrets from Victoria and Victoria wouldn’t keep it from Natasha. It’s a dangerous cycle to have in times like these. But I know the girls will keep their mouths shut. Which gives me some sense of comfort.

On the other hand there was Lucan, who is Reagan’s best friend with a loose tongue. There is no way Lucan is keeping anything to himself.

The good thing is that he doesn’t know much besides that Elizabeth Trent could be the reason Reagan flipped out. Which is okay for now, anything new he’ll find out about this clusterfuck will be from Reagan.

I’m not so worried about myself than I am about Dainy, for some reason she continues to care for Reagan as years pass.

If Reagan finds out that she started a relationship with him, while believing she had a hand in his mother’s death, things are not going to end well.

If there is one thing everyone in town knows about Reagan, he’s as predictable as day and night and as hard as steel. He might like Dainy, and he probably hates his mother but he wouldn’t be thinking about any of that when he finds out that Dainy practically lied to his face. And he will find out. I knew it, she knew it and soon he will know it too. Let’s hope when he does that we have answers.


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