School me p2 (page 23)

“Is that why your dad employed her?” Lucan asks Natasha as soon as I stop by the robot. We are closing in on forty five minutes into our searching time. My mind had blanked out as I focused on the road, ignoring the uneasy feeling I started having when Dainy never answered the phone.

We were finally on our way to the river surrounding the mountain where Gina’s body was found to see if Reagan was there or not.

I wasn’t really following on their conversation, but the question Lucan asks Natasha quickly changes that.

“Nope, his old accountant retired and daddy doesn’t like using the firms, you know how he is.” Natasha points out matter of factly, “So he outsourced and Diana was working solo, so daddy used her a few times and he was very impressed, so he offered her a package she couldn’t refuse.”

Lucan chuckles, “Do you have any idea how many times you said the word so?” A hesitant smile tugs at the corner of my lips at Lucan’s observation. I take the short free way and head toward the river.

“Whats up with Dainy? Didn’t know she and Kylie were bff’s.” Lucan probes gently. I know what he’s really doing, but Natasha is clueless. Now would be the time where I could shut it down, instead I just listen.

Natasha snorts from the back, “Kylie is just making sure mister over here doesn’t lure Dainy to his dungeon of doom.” A tinge of anticipation awakens me at how close those words are to home.


It’s a good few beats before Lucan forces a chuckle, “If I didn’t know you were dating douche bag Jason Briggs I would’ve thought you were jealous.”

“The only one jealous here is you.” Natasha points out. I ignore them as they begin rambling about gossip which I don’t do, because it’s a waste of time.

I head closer toward the river. The cars less to non around me, giving me free rain of the area. The past tries to overtake me, as Starless skies advises me of the impending torture I am to find.


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