School me p2 (page 26)

“Look at me, Dainy, don’t focus on the road, we gonna be okay, just keep those eyes on me Vixen.” His widened grey gaze tarnishes the rest of my decisiveness as the car chasing us bumps the tail light. I’m jerked forward from the impact, “She wants to kill us, we need to call the cops.” I screech.

“We don’t have phones, we need to just keep calm and keep driving.”

“You need to go faster.”

Sebastian glances at me from the corner of his eyes that are big and alert. His five o’clock shadow scruffier than he has ever let it and still he doesn’t show me his fear, he is strong, not weak and fragile like me.

It’s hard to believe this boy is mine, we’re so young but somehow I know my words are true when I say, “I love you.” It’s words that I whisper instead of shout because I don’t want him to be sidetracked, I don’t want him to hear the resolute of my voice when he takes the bend. I throw myself over to the drivers side and turn the steering wheel just in time, so that the person chasing us will have no control of their car when they take the dented road. It’s only when Sabastian practically swerves on the road avoiding the rockery mountain and stopping the car in the middle of the road does it hit me. I just killed someone. I intentionally killed someone.

“Dainy, wake up.” The brush of familiar warm fingers against my nape jostles me out of my sleep and impending nightmare and in to my reality.

I feel the purr of the engine and I know we in the car. Reagan has me cuddled on his lap which has become a recent thing between us when we cuddle. I like how warm and safe I feel in his arms that so easily engulf me.

“How long was I out?.” I stare into his eyes that now focus on the dark road.

“Thirty odd minutes.” It’s Kylie that answers, for a while I completely forgot about her. Ha, if she knew that I’m sure she’d be pissed. Kylie Bray isn’t someone you allowed to forget.

His char grin smile lights up in the dark car, and I swear I can see a sparkle in his blues as he looks down at me, “Glad to see I’m tiring you out,”

“The only thing tiring her out is boredom, I can’t believe you went there, Jesus fuck do you have any idea how many damn people I phoned, not to mention how many hours of my life I wasted.” Kylie practically screams from the front of the car.

“And the almost jail time when you called me and Victoria to meet you and Dexter so you can swop rides.” I say.


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