School me p2 (page 27)

“And the almost jail time when you called me and Victoria to meet you and Dexter so you can swop rides.” I say blandly.

“Yeah and that too, what the hell is up that guys ass. You’d think he’d be nicer to me after all these years.” Kylie says matter of factly.

“Didn’t you hit him with your car?” Reagan asks, as I sit and slide off his lap onto the bmw’s leather interior.

“He was far away, I didn’t know how the hell he got in front of the car.” She retorts.

“He was in hospital, with two fractured ribs, and a sprained ankle Kylie, clearly the guy wasn’t that faraway.”  I point out.

“Bygones and all that Jazz sugar, I can’t be held accountable for something in the past when I’m living in the present.” Kylie says that as she turns into the cabins driveway that’s now parted with various cars on either side. The music coming from the cabin can be heard all the way from where we are which is twenty or so meters away. We end up having to park closer to the pathway leading to the Estate. Kylie jumps out the car first. My hand is on the door when Sabastian appears out of no where and practically pulls the back car door open.

His face is contorted into an angry scowl and I’m a little frightened I’ve never seen him so, so unshelled before.

“Do you have any fuckin’ idea how worried I’ve been? When Kylie told me to turn around and head back here Jesus fuck. Are you okay.” I’m momentarily stunned and at first I admit I get a slight kick thinking he is talking to me, but when I look into his worried eyes after I take in his disheveled appearance I see his attention is focused solely on Reagan. It’s like a slap into reality because I forgot an important fact in my life. Reagan and Sabastian are friends, good friends and right now I’m just a girl that is clearly cramping their style. I turn my neck around and the deep look my boyfriend gives Sabastian confirms that they obviously need some time.

“I’m going to head up into the cabin.” I say to no one in particular, at the same time Sabastian steps away from the car door.

“Get Reagan something to eat we won’t be long.” Sabastian demands without taking his eyes off Reagan. I nod and walk toward the house which is full of people on the porch sipping from red cups and eating braai meat. I’m fully aware that I’m going to be here all night long.


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