School me p2 (page 28) 


There was always a moment, a conscious part of me so small but there, that hoped. I secretly hoped for my birth mother to one day learn the errors of her ways and find me and maybe want a relationship with me, like I secretly hoped for my father to stop cheating on his wife, my stepmother even if he did just do it for us, his kids. But neither of those things were possible. My birth mother, Gina Lorne was dead, and my father was incapable of staying faithful, it was like a sickness in him.  

It was a similar situation to Sabastian, he was the one guy who’d understand. His mother was an abusive bitch, who beat up her children and covered it up by playing the dotting wife. His father, was great with his kids but could never choose the right woman, he always got stuck with the deadly ones and when it really got to him he’d throw them one side and move on to something shinier but still no less deadly. I guess if anyone of my friends were to have the same taste in woman as me it’ll be Sabastian. Both of us looking for that one who’d stick, and Dainy showing up when she did proved something that I didn’t want to acknowledge so early in our relationship, she was definitely in it for the long haul.

“So a guy has a few drinks and visits his dead mother’s death site and suddenly Sabastian Delroy looks like shit?” I chuckle, “if I’d known it’d be so easy to get your white ass out of those suits I would’ve chucked years ago.”

He slips into the vacant seat shaking his head as he slams the back door close, “And if I’d known you were drinking the good stuff I would’ve joined you.”

We both quieten after that, sitting in the dark car listening to the rock music coming from inside the house. I’m not sure how long we both just sit there until he asks, “ you good?”

I think about it, and even though we never spoke about it, just sitting in the dark car with him next to me brings a lightness to my mood.

“Yeah, I’m good man.” He gives me a stiff nod that I see from the corner of my eyes as my friend stiffens and his faces closes up on all emotion.

“Then let’s get the fuck outa here.” He doesn’t wait for my reply as he opens the door and heads toward the cabin. A cabin I’ve never known existed until now.


Special song, :- Sia ft labrinth- to be human


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