School me p2 (page 29)

The party is in full swing. Dainy is on my lap outside on a picnic blanket, my chin rests on her shoulder as we both watch the bustling crowd. Lucan and Connor are chatting up the public school twins, Lisa and Lana Becker to no avail directly opposite us. Dexter and Sabastian are wrapped up in an intense conversation near the pillar on the left. Jace and Aiden are manning the kegs whilst enjoying the company of the group of girls giggling to everything they say.
This all feels like a normal, typical Saturday.

The tall blonde girl standing by the older tall brooding guy further down where it’s quieter with her hands flaying the air while she probably tells him some crappy story about quantum physics is Diamond, and the broody guy that right about now pushes her slightly that she falls on her butt unfortunately is my step cousin, David Stone. Yeah, the guy is a dick, and more so with the little nut cracker currently hitting his shin. I’m about to go stop those two when they both start laughing.

“Is it me, or did Vincent just get his balls kicked.” Dainy says in a loud voice.

My arm goes around Dainy’s waist as my eyes go back to the main two characters that has kept Dainy and I entertained while we sit down and enjoy the bliss of the southern air, my cousin Kylie and Vincent Stone. And judging by the way Vincent is currently holding his balls and bowing in what must undoubtedly be in a shit load of pain if you consider the mere fact of Kylie actually knowing how to kick and the size of her, I’m going to say my Girl is right.

Kylie proceeds to say something in his ear as she walks off, leaving him all alone with a set of purple swollen balls. She doesn’t stop until she is right by us. Then she throws herself on the empty part of the blanket, “I know you guys were watching, but please, don’t ask.” She says in greeting. That’s Kylie for you, straight and brutally honest, I couldn’t have asked for her any other way.

“Wasn’t going to.” Dainy say, “but I was going to say that whoever put the music off should be tortured.” Kylie swings her black long hair, which is different from her normal hairstyle and looks behind us, into the house.

“One word sugar, Michael.” We all groan at that as I kiss Dainy’s lemon zest scented hair.


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