School me p2 (page 30)

“Couldn’t he have done that tomorrow.” Dainy says curling deeper into me.

Kylie’s face transforms into a remorseful, yet sheepish look, “He’s thinking, got a lot on his mind sugar, and the crappy music system is just the distraction he needs.”

“Not like anybody is really bothered by the lack of tunes.” I say to lighten the mood. I know when Kylie starts to get defensive, and right now she’s on edge, because something did happen between her and Vincent. Plus Michael is a short fuse for her, she’s very protective over him, not that he cares, or can’t take care of himself, if Dainy spoke to Michael he would’ve looked at her and told her to fuck off.

The Stone siblings are the hardest people to crack. My dad once said that their surname was the description of their hearts, I remember his words, he said, the Stones have Stone hearts, can’t get inside unless you smash it and even then it’ll always be broken. I didn’t like the way he thought about the Stones, but I guess when you watch your sister get hurt by one over a number of years, it’s kind of hard to just forgive and forget even if it was over two decades ago.

“How’s Kevin?” I ask Kylie.

“Don’t know now that his Chika is missing.”

“Since when did he have a girl, I thought he was dying single.” My tone remains conversational.

Kylie Snorts, “The only person dying single is me, and I ain’t gonna be sad about it.”

The music booms as it comes back on and I gotta admit it sounds a shit load better than before.

Michael comes out a moment later but I only see his departing back as he walks toward David and Diamond who both are frowning while David talks on the phone. Kylie must sense something ‘cause she just gets up and is gone without any acknowledgement. I watch silently as Jace follows Kylie with a Sabastian and Dexter in toe. I always admired the closeness of the Stones and felt a sliver of envy toward Sabastian who’s fitted in with them like a glove on a workers hand.


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