School me p2 (page 31)

They might be my family by marriage and blood but there has always been a certain distance that kept us separated, I didn’t mind it much growing up, but as the years go on by my family circle has just seemed to go smaller. Sabastian might have one sister but he has always and will always have the Stones, and Dexter, who I didn’t know much about but I know that his family has always been linked to the Delroy’s.

Lizzy comes to mind, I should’ve let her inside, but I was still so confused and my mind was processing this shit storm that I swore her and left. It was a dick move and I’m going to have to apologize when I see her again. She didn’t show up to the party, including Mason who only stopped by to pick up Victoria and Natasha. 
A group of people start forming a small circle as they begin to dance and sway. My eyes sidle behind them to the back of the big expanse toward the Stones and Sabastian but they’re gone. Something is going on, and maybe I would’ve tried to find out what but I got my own shit happening now.

My mother’s dead and even though she was a waste of space and sold me to my father, I have to know who killed her because whoever that person is, I got a feeling that they are far from done.

When the music stops Dainy twist her neck and kisses my cheek. I drop my eyes to her, and I’m rewarded with a devilish naughty smile.

“Let’s go have a little fun.” She gets out of my lap and the chill from the wind isn’t welcomed for my balls that were a few seconds ago warm and nestled between two round ass cheeks. My girl is beautiful with her blonde hair flowing aimless around her body, down to her back. And those tiny shorts showcasing her thick legs getting me hard while she stands with her hands on her hips.

“You lookin’ mighty fine. I feel like I’m the luckiest fucker around.” I drawl in my thickest southern voice I can master. She blushes as she rolls her eyes.

“You ain’t too shabby yourself there, Mr Nine and a half inch man.” And for the first time since my whole fuck up of a day I throw my head back and laugh. I feel sorry for the man who tries to take Dainy away from me, no way am I letting her go, Dainy is mine.


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