School me p2 (page 32)

My lips trail the soft and smooth slope of her throat. I inhale her scent as deep as I can, taking in the sweetness of Dainy. We’ve been ‘necking’ for the last half n hour in between two oak trees. The party is still in full swing. People are everywhere, screaming, laughing, kissing, dancing, you name it and it’s happening.

I’m teasing myself with small nips and sucks of Dainy’s flesh, too drunk to drive home and too turned on to think about anything besides with my dick and Dainy. I have no other way to say it besides that I’m horny. My girls ass is in my hands, her legs locked around my hips and all I want to do is remove Dainy’s little shorts and slam home. The thing is, when I left the mansion I didn’t stop and take my wallet, so I got no protection. If there is one thing I won’t do is ask someone else. I won’t disrespect my girl like that.

“You need to get on the pill.” I groan softly in her ear. She shivers, and I don’t hold back the grin that tugs my lips.

“I’m not going on the pill,” she says in a daze, while her fingers tug on my hair. I continue sucking small parts of her neck, “Just try it, don’t you want me bare.”

She moans in frustration, “we spoke about this Orniel, It will make me fat, regardless of what doctors say I firmly believe that I will turn into a balloon.”

“Hmmmm,” I hum, as my tongue darts out to lick the shell of her ear, “A very sexy, and fuckable balloon.”

She groans, “Why can’t we just go to your place or mine.”

“Because I’m too drunk to drive.”

“Why can’t Lucan take us?”

“Because he’s definitely too drunk to drive and so is everyone here.”

She pulls back, and I see the smile even in the dark plastered on her beautiful face, “What?” I say it, because I’ve known Dainy for fucking ever, and I know that smile.

“I’m not drunk, I can drive.”

My eyes shoot up, “hell no. The last time you were behind a wheel you practically maimed the paving and your front yard and you didn’t even make it up the road.”

“For the record I’m a much better driver now.”

“That was two months ago Dainy.”


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