School me p2 (page 33)

“That was two months ago Dainy.”

“But I’m your girlfriend.” I don’t have to see her face to know she’s pouting.


“What boyfriend doesn’t want his girl to drive his car, that’s not fare.” She tugs on my hair at the back of my head as she says that.

“One that likes his life.” I answer honestly, because let’s face it, Dainy is a shit driver. Last year the schools instructor refused to teach Dainy after she smashed, not one but two cars. The second one went into the tree. Obviously my girl blamed the entire incident on him but the outcome was the same. Nobody wanted to teach Dainy to drive and the task went to a very short tempered Aiden.

“You being a sexist.”

I chuckle, “No, I’m being a realist.”

She drops her legs from around my waist, leaving me with no other option but to let her go, “A realist doesn’t get laid Orniel.”

I sigh as I stuff my hands in my pockets knowing she is going to take it personal, because Dainy and driving is a sore subject, but I’m not risking our lives to make her happy.

 “Give me an hour and I’ll drive us myself.” I can’t see much besides her short lithe form as she starts walking back toward the cabin.

“Is that a yes.” I ask her loud enough as she retreats from me.

“It’s a don’t waste my time.”

“Better than my dead body getting scraped off the side walk.” I say as I follow Dainy.

“I heard that.” She shouts loud enough to startle the couple making out by the tree.




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