School me p2 (page 41)

Sabastian   “Hey, could you get me a cup of coffee, I just need to make a few calls.” I don't wait for a reply from Dainy who has been held up in the kitchen doing only hell knows what. I head on up the stairs to my room. The dark oak wood gating the … Continue reading School me p2 (page 41)

School me p2 (page 40)

Sabastian It's another hour before we’ve posted her father’s bail. I didn't expect Dainy to be so pliant when I agreed to pay the one and half mil. I didn't expect her to leave the station without even greeting her father either. But then again Dainy didn't act like the concerned daughter she oughta be. … Continue reading School me p2 (page 40)

School me p2 (page 39)

Sabastian  The police station in Liston Hills, is what I would mildly describe as ‘different.’ Over the years the blue bloods have kept their promise by keeping the scum out of Liston Hills. And to show our gratitude the founding families awarded them with excellent work space. We don't pay the cops extra. Nope, we … Continue reading School me p2 (page 39)

River’s Keeper (A sneak peak)

Prelude  Growing up life was good, simple. I took it for granted. Why not right? I had a stay at home mom, and two older brothers. I was the baby and my family treated me as such. My dad was an electrician for a machine repair company only 10 miles from Laurelhurst, our suburban home … Continue reading River’s Keeper (A sneak peak)

Satan Snipers

Happy Blue Monday to all my many subscribers. Many of you have all noticed that River's keeper is on pre-order yippee.  Another Satan Sniper's Mc book completed. I'm going to send through the first chapter. Before I do, I just want to let you guys know that there is a prelude to this book. I'm … Continue reading Satan Snipers

School me p2 (page 38)

Sabastian We've been driving for all but ten minutes, taking the long strip of road toward the city centre. Dainy is behind the wheel doing forty miles per hour. Luckily we haven't hit anything but we still got another five minutes drive before we get to the station. I haven't sweated in a suit since … Continue reading School me p2 (page 38)

School me p2 (page 36)

Sabastian Monday morning I do not expect to be sitting in a geometry class filled with tenth graders waiting for Dainy to arrive but that's exactly where I am. The second bell rings when I spot her walking in. Her jeans are ripped and painted to her thighs, the bottle green vest she wears hugs … Continue reading School me p2 (page 36)

School me p2 (page 37)

Sabastian Not sure why I do what I do next, maybe hoping to earn some points, or an early death wish but I spin around last moment, Dainy walks straight into me, the crush of her breast against my chest, the feel of her long fingers wrapped around my arms before she backs away. I … Continue reading School me p2 (page 37)

Interesting… School me

So before I post the School me page, I'm going to share this with you guys.  Some lady... Very sweet one at that asked me where did I get the idea for The Live Online Novel. I never told you guys this but It came to me while I was learning to set up a … Continue reading Interesting… School me

School me p2 (page 35)

Dainy Inside the Orniel mansion is quiet and flooded in darkness, Reagan leaves me by the door as he crosses the entrance. “Why do I have the feeling that this is the time when an axe murderer is suppose to come running out while the blond which is me runs around screaming help and still … Continue reading School me p2 (page 35)