River’s Keeper (A sneak peak)

Prelude  Growing up life was good, simple. I took it for granted. Why not right? I had a stay at home mom, and two older brothers. I was the baby and my family treated me as such. My dad was an electrician for a machine repair company only 10 miles from Laurelhurst, our suburban home … Continue reading River’s Keeper (A sneak peak)


Satan Snipers

Happy Blue Monday to all my many subscribers. Many of you have all noticed that River's keeper is on pre-order yippee.  Another Satan Sniper's Mc book completed. I'm going to send through the first chapter. Before I do, I just want to let you guys know that there is a prelude to this book. I'm … Continue reading Satan Snipers

Interesting… School me

So before I post the School me page, I'm going to share this with you guys.  Some lady... Very sweet one at that asked me where did I get the idea for The Live Online Novel. I never told you guys this but It came to me while I was learning to set up a … Continue reading Interesting… School me