School me p2 (page 35)

Inside the Orniel mansion is quiet and flooded in darkness, Reagan leaves me by the door as he crosses the entrance.

“Why do I have the feeling that this is the time when an axe murderer is suppose to come running out while the blond which is me runs around screaming help and still ends up dead.”

The sound of his choked laughter is a melody to my ears, “Because you’re Crazy Dainy and was once convinced Zombies took over the planet, I can’t believe you hit Michael and Diane with a broom stick.”

I snort, “Just to clear that up I did not know it was Halloween I forgot. And Michael had no business scaring me, I was ten. Kylie started calling me crazy Dainy because she was the first one I phoned and told that the Zombies were comin’ and I only did that ‘cause I knew she’d pass it on to Rae.”

The lights come on with a flick of a switch, the chandelier hangs from the high ceiling glowing and sparkling from every angle.

Reagan’s footsteps move back to me, and I watch him with purpose. He doesn’t hesitate to bend his knees, glide his thick fingers under my hair, behind my neck.

“Crazy Dainy,” He whispers. I tilt my head just how he likes and our lips touch. I expect hard and fast, and even crave it, but I get gentle and soft as his tongue darts out to tangle with my own. I move closer to his body, my hands touching the side of his tapered waist. Reagan’s other hand tracks from my back down to my right ass cheek. He squeezes the firm flesh through my shorts and moves his hand down over my ass until it stops on the back of my thigh just below my butt. He deepens the kiss taking more of what I give him.

The hand on my thigh tightens and my body burns with need. He lifts me using the same hand gripped on my thigh before I even catch a breath. My legs wrap around his waist.

My mind doesn’t track where he is moving us too, until I feel him drop me on the sofa with his big body looming over me. My hands explore the planes of his back before I make it to his ass and the end of his t-shirt. I make to lift it up and he breaks the kiss.

Looking at me with the same deep need in his blue gaze he pulls the material from over his head and flings it on the floor. My breast rise and fall just watching him. Knowing that I got such a powerful guys body on top of mine is enough to make me hot but knowing I have Reagan Orniel on top of me with hunger in his eyes and a hard on his pants cooks my body up until it’s sizzling.

His heated stare zeroes in on my breast, he holds one in each hand as he rubs my breast in slow circles, “I love your tits, you know how many things I fantasize doing to these gems?.”

“Like what?” I ask in a dry soft voice as he continues to rub them through my vest.

Reagan looks me dead in the eyes, “Soon Dainy, soon I’ll show you all the things I want to do to your body, just not now. I’m too horny to take my time.” I understand what he means ‘cause I feel it too. We don’t waste a second longer talking as we strip each other out of our clothes. I watch Reagan as he slips the condom over his hard and erect length. The veins bulging, confirming his need.

I don’t hesitate to open my legs wider as he drops his naked form on top of my waiting body. He feeds me his length in one hard thrust and I arch up and scream at the sudden, yet welcome invasion. Our mouths lock together, our short breaths mingling as our sweaty skin sticks. His thrusts are hard and fast and I part my lips as I feel the rise of my orgasm fast approaching. My fingers attempt to grip into his back and my neck extends as I throw my head back. Reagan lifts me half way off the sofa and I feel him deeper inside me. I move my body with his as I chase that amazing feeling clenching my walls tight. He moves faster and harder, until I feel it. The swell of his cock, the grind of his teeth and finally that hard purposeful thrust and it’s then that make it over the edge. It’s the most amazing feeling.


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