School me p2 (page 36)


Monday morning I do not expect to be sitting in a geometry class filled with tenth graders waiting for Dainy to arrive but that’s exactly where I am. The second bell rings when I spot her walking in. Her jeans are ripped and painted to her thighs, the bottle green vest she wears hugs her tits making my dick throb. It’s a sore reminder that I haven’t had a woman in my bed since I touched my foot down on American soil, or should I say lawn.

And I wouldn’t have had any woman unless it was Dainy. That was before I found out that my girl was dating one of my friends, and this time having sex with them. The thought of the two of them together still guts me when the thought fires my mind.

Dainy notices me. I’m not surprised when I stand out like a medieval creature amongst these preppy kids. I get up from the back seat I’ve been sitting on, straightening my suit, watching my vixen march right up to me.

“Sabastian. And there I thought I was havin’ a good day.”

A small smile filters my lips when my name leaves her lush mouth, ignoring her snark altogether, “we need to talk in private.”

“About what?” Her eyes narrow in suspicion which I ignore too.

“Everything, get your bag.” I brush past her, not waiting for a reply because I know my Vixen knows better than to ignore an order I’ve given her.

I take the steps two at a time, and halt when I see Valery Bridgett, the geometry teacher.

“Ms Bridgett, long time.” I say as I walk past her blushing face and leave the classroom. I’ve fucked the woman two weeks in a row will never go back for seconds.

I make it to the lockers when I hear Dainy’s feet stomp behind me. We both remain quiet as I lead and she follows. Out the school and straight to my car I don’t turn back once, aware that my silence gets to her every second that I remain silent. 

Imagine how I felt when she did it to me for months.


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