School me p2 (page 37)


Not sure why I do what I do next, maybe hoping to earn some points, or an early death wish but I spin around last moment, Dainy walks straight into me, the crush of her breast against my chest, the feel of her long fingers wrapped around my arms before she backs away.

I feel it all.

“You are such an asshole.” I roll my eyes at that one, she’s called me an asshole since she started the junior high.

She steps back and I don’t do a thing to stop her, as much as I like to put some moves on my little Vixen, now isn’t the time. I really do need to talk to her. Just not here.

“Are we going or what, this better be important Sabastian.”

My head shakes in amazement at how different she is with me compared to when she’s with him, how her eyes have that wild fire and her eyebrows shoot up. Or the fact that Dainy doesn’t seem to have any qualms about calling me all the names under the sun. Or beating my chest. Yet with him she is so different, normal. I feel the frown creasing on my forehead at the memory of them. I watched the two of them from behind a tree the night we had a cabin party. It wasn’t my intention to spy, I was simply heading back when I heard Dainy’s voice. My hands clench together reminding me of what I’m suppose to be doing, of why I even have the thought.

I dangle my keys to the black Porsche I brought with me and stare at my Vixen. It takes her a second to register what I’m actually doing. She almost takes off my fingers when she pulls the keys from my hand and runs to the drivers side and I know I’m going to regret this.

“This baby isn’t insured yet, so take her smooth.” I inform my Vixen as I jump in.

The mischievous smile she bestows upon me makes it worth it, all three hundred thousand of it, “Where to?.”

Those two words remind me that this isn’t some date. Dainy’s not going to like this. Not one bit.

“The Station.”

“What the hell are we going to be doing at the bus station, when you have a jet.”

I try very hard not to grimace, “Police Station, your father’s just been arrested for the murder of Gina Lorne.”


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