School me p2 (page 38)


We’ve been driving for all but ten minutes, taking the long strip of road toward the city centre. Dainy is behind the wheel doing forty miles per hour. Luckily we haven’t hit anything but we still got another five minutes drive before we get to the station.

I haven’t sweated in a suit since I had to attend a major business merger in Greece three months prior. I really would like to keep that record and I will provided Dainy doesn’t do anything reckless.

“The road is straight Vixen, not shaped in an S.” I try very hard not to laugh when she tightens her fingers on the steering wheel slowing the Porsche.

“Don’t be a big baby, I was testing the power steering out.” Her snark is half mast by most. My vixen is obviously scared. I wonder why considering she had enough practice with Aiden.

“Relax, if you smash the car it’s fine.”

She snorts at that, then I watch as her face turns serious, “So, who told you about my dad? I thought he was still in New York.”

“Hector informed my father early this morning, apparently your dad didn’t step foot on the plane. Police got to him before.”

She takes the turn with caution and it’s not long after we’re parked on the curb in front of the police station. I’m hoping to get his bail posted and get him the hell out of there as per my father’s request.

“Do you know why they think it’s him.”

“Not yet, but Kent is looking into it, so we should hear something by the end of the day.”

“Does my mom know.”

I look out the window, watching as two cops jog down the stairs.

“No, and you can’t say a word, according to your dad your mother thinks he’s in New York.”

She frowns but doesn’t say anything. We jump out of the car and I naturally straighten my cufflinks. Dainy walks ahead of me and I give her ass a long appreciative stare before going on next to her.



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