School me p2 (page 39)


The police station in Liston Hills, is what I would mildly describe as ‘different.’ Over the years the blue bloods have kept their promise by keeping the scum out of Liston Hills. And to show our gratitude the founding families awarded them with excellent work space.

We don’t pay the cops extra. Nope, we wouldn’t do something like that. The founding families want to keep the cops in Liston Hills good. So we don’t have them in our pockets. Well that’s what the locals think and is also a complete load of utter shit. Truth is, the Bray, Stone, Hugh and Delroy families have everyone in their pockets. We just don’t go around advertising it, smart busines

Dainy sits on one of the brown leather seats in the waiting area. Her eyes focus pointedly on the misted glass door for the detective handling her father’s case to make an appearance while I stand by the notice board pretending to read the crap pinned on it.

“Can’t believe Hazen got Hallow, fucker just got us a coupla million easy.” One of the three cops standing a few feet away says to the others.

“You think the rich bastard did it.” The bald one asks.

“Nah, no motive, but Hazen mentioned something about DNA matching his, could be a relative.” The fat guy states exactly what I wanted to know. I leave them to it and walk over to Dainy. She stands up as the glass door of Detective Hazen opens. I slip my hand on the indent of her lower back just as he walks on over to us. My eyes don’t waver from the black suit detective. He is a middle aged, retired marine but he looks much older than my father.

“Mr Delroy, Miss Hallow, sorry ‘bout all this. You dad didn’t want me phoning your mother, and the lawyer insisted we get this all sorted today.”


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