School me p2 (page 40)

It’s another hour before we’ve posted her father’s bail. I didn’t expect Dainy to be so pliant when I agreed to pay the one and half mil. I didn’t expect her to leave the station without even greeting her father either. But then again Dainy didn’t act like the concerned daughter she oughta be. No questions of concern were asked to the detective. She wanted to get out of the place as fast as she could and apart of me knew why. Dainy and I have history with Gina Lorne, very dark and dangerous history. The woman should’ve died that night when she went off the road. Someone saved her. That means somebody else had to have known that she was coming after us. I’m not going to stop searching until I find out exactly who that person is.

We’re back on the road and as much as I want my Vixen to get a good education I have no intention of driving us back to school. She knows this because she utters not a single word when I pass the schools turn off.

“What’s up with you and your dad.” I keep the question casual but my Vixen knows me well enough to know that I’m wanting answers. She might be wasting her time with Reagan while ripping me to shreds doing it but in the end Dainy will always be mine. Reagan won’t be able to give her the full satisfaction she craves. He won’t be able to handle the lengths Dainy is willing to go for the addiction only I can feed. So though it’s hard I bide my time but in the end she is and will always be mine. She proves exactly that when she answers.

“Besides the obvious one? Nothing.”

“Lemme take a wild guess, he’s an asshole.”

“Bigger one than you and that’s sayin’ somethin’ since you already up there.” She makes a gesture with her hand toward the roof, showing me exactly how ‘up there’ I am and I can’t help the deep laugh that comes.

“Well it could be worse.” I point out once I’ve stopped laughing.

“How’s that?”

“I could be crazy Dainy.” She thumps my arm, as I take a turn toward the estate.


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