School me p2 (page 41)



“Hey, could you get me a cup of coffee, I just need to make a few calls.” I don’t wait for a reply from Dainy who has been held up in the kitchen doing only hell knows what. I head on up the stairs to my room. The dark oak wood gating the staircase is over eighty years old and so is almost everything else in the Delroy fortress. I call it that because this is where it all began. Where my family first started out. My great grandfather built this house with the small specs of cash he got from selling animal contraptions.

My feet take the red carpeted stairs one slow step at a time as I pass the pictures of my ancestors. The sight of them makes me stand taller. Our family unlike the Stones were born with money, until we lost it all when my great great Aunt, Trinity Delroy made a bargain with the devil. It ruined our reputation, it made us commoners. My great grandfather, Bastian Delroy rebuilt our name and reputation, he rebuilt our empire from the very bottom, selling hand crafted leather contraptions door to door. By the time he reached his late thirties he discovered a natural talent in the study of science. It was another ten years after that when he invented a latex free condom, but contraceptives weren’t a thing back then so he made samples and kept his research in a hidden compartment under his desk and continued with his then striving business of leather contraption.  

Business was good and by the time he passed his knowledge on to his son, my grandfather who became a scientist at the tender age of twenty three, it was a few years after that when he also died of heart failure. 

My grandfather took his inheritance and invested it all in a factory producing latex free condoms. It didn’t take long for the company to make a turn over and once the news spread that condoms prevented pregnancy in the early 60s well you can image what happened then. By the 80s Delroy industries was the leading name in contraception and lubricants.  

People even in this day and age, in this modern society that’s ruled by the influence of fame recognize my bloodline as superior. I myself would like to one day leave my legacy behind, and who better to be by my side than my Vixen. 


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