School me p2 (page 42)


My day was not turning out any way on how I’d planned it, scratch that, what I meant to say in simple terms is my day sucked ass in a huge way.  

It started when I went to first period and Reagan Orniel was there waiting in all his major glory. Did I mention that the ass slammed the fucking door in my face when I went to see him. Way to greet your cousin right? Oh and let’s not forget that I was tailed the entire night by a very hunky Mason Bray which meant that I couldn’t even sneak into the morgue to look at Gina Lorne’s body like I originally planned as a plan b. That night was so wasted I ended up in bed at two in the morning with still nothing to connect to my dad murder.

So believe it when I tell you that I was already fuming when I marched up to Reagan and bumped his shoulder. The guy didn’t even flinch. He grabbed my arm and then started apologizing furiously for the way he treated me. I merely shook my head in acknowledgment and sauntered off, thinking of what an idiot my cousin was.

Then lunch break I was cornered by a group of over pretentious and extremely annoying cheerleaders who went on with a twenty minute rant of how me joining their squad would be grand for my ‘reputation’. I then went on to tell them in laymen terms that I would not under no circumstances ever be interested in joining their squad and I certainly do not care if my reputation was grand or not.
Why the fuck would I care about all of that bimbo crap when I have enough of life to deal with as is. It was like a switch was turned on and the pretzy teenager girls became bull dogs. They threatened me with misery, cruelty and lots of other jumbo crap which I already have, so I rolled my eyes and flipped them off. The entire canteen laughed as I left.

And when I say left I mean I left school, ditched the rich bitches and assholes and took my mother’s red Audi for a long drive. So here I am now a few hours later at the bowling club eating a double deluxe cheese burger when the news rolls on.


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