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Kylie Bray and Vincent Stone

“What?” I didn't recognize that soft note as it left my mouth. I was standing in front of this man, who I had loved even though he had time and time again hurt me. His face froze in a harsh angry scowl, and he was hurting me, with words, but they still cut deeper than … Continue reading Kylie Bray and Vincent Stone


Kylie Bray News

To all of you guys who have long awaited Kylie's story the first chapter will be released this week globally of course😏.  This story isn't your average read. If you guys thought Beggar was dark then Kylie is ten times darker.  But for now a little teaser from Kylie Bray  In order to understand the … Continue reading Kylie Bray News

Accepting you

To all of you...  Its been a while since I wrote. I could give you a bunch of reasons but like always I opt for the truth. I have went through some stuff, still going, looking for that pavement I will choose to rest on. Thing is I had this heaviness wrapping my soul. I … Continue reading Accepting you

River’s Keeper Out WorldWide

Available Now Just Click on - River's keeper US River's keeper Au River's keeper CA River's keeper UK River's keeper it River's keeper br River's keeper IN River's keeper fr We all have a keeper

River’s Keeper News

😁Thank you, thank you and an extra Thank you for not chewing me up. The responses have been positive. I have answered most of you guys emails. If i have missed a few I will try and respond by the end of today. River's Keeper will be up in the Next 6hours as we are … Continue reading River’s Keeper News

River’s Keeper News

I have contemplated different ways to tell you this. And you know what ? I'm just going to tell you guys the honest truth. The wrong file was uploaded in the Amazon book and unfortunately Amazon is unable to make changes to this and upload the correct file. Now many of you guys, well most … Continue reading River’s Keeper News

To school my subscribers

So i got the emails and all you guys "WTF" messages. Thank you. I really do love you guys. I will continue the blog from tomorrow. Don't stress. Whoever hasn't received replies i will get back to you guys as soon as i can. Right now however I'm listening to two huge dogs snore and … Continue reading To school my subscribers

A letter to my readers

To breathe is to live. My grandmother once said that to me. I never understood what she meant until recently. We can not live our lives without regret. We can not feel emotion with experiencing tears. We can not learn the lessons of our lives without having to fall from our choices. Pathways are the … Continue reading A letter to my readers

River’s Keeper (A sneak peak)

Prelude  Growing up life was good, simple. I took it for granted. Why not right? I had a stay at home mom, and two older brothers. I was the baby and my family treated me as such. My dad was an electrician for a machine repair company only 10 miles from Laurelhurst, our suburban home … Continue reading River’s Keeper (A sneak peak)